Submerge Expedition Leader


In 2019 I was honored to return to the Ayatana Artist Residency program as an expedition leader for Submerge, a residency focused on all aspects of water. Read about the full residency here.

Submerge is a research residency for visiting writers and conceptual artists to study human relationships with water. The residency involves daily excursions onto water with a variety of experts like river keepers, biologists and sailors. Residents will gain a rudimentary understanding of natural water systems, urban water treatment and wetland wildlife.

The artists explore water treatment methods in the lab.
Artists learn how wastewater is treated with bacterial colonies and microorganisms.

My job as the expedition leader was to drive all of the artists around to their locations, help them engage with the scientists and specialists, and generally keep things running smoothly.

We had a packed and fun-filled week of exploration. We learned about water physics, how to make fish leather, preserving watersheds, and the history of the Rideau Locks, a world heritage site. This only scratches the surface of the wonderful exploration we did. Credit to Jamie Ramsay and Alex Williams for images

I was also honored to lead a microscope workshop, teaching fellow artists how to use this tool to look at the very tiny and hidden in our microbiome.

It was a wonderful experience to share time and knowledge with other artists who had a passion for the environment and a wonderful curiosity!