Diatom Correspondence Course


One of the primary ways I receive samples is via my Diatom Correspondence Course. I provide a pipette, sample bottle, and directions on how to collect samples to volunteers. These samples are then returned to me for observation and art creation.

Materials to collect samples

Information such as location, including latitude, longitude, local name, and an image of the collection site is recorded by my Diatom Correspondents. I encourage participants to photograph themselves collecting samples as well as the more general locations.

Sample Gathering

Once the samples are returned to me I examine them and then use them as inspiration for artwork!

Shipwreck, Salt River Bay, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Gyrosigma is based on a saltwater sample taken by a Correspondence member.

All DCC members receive a certificate of participation and a button in recognition of their efforts. I also share microscope images with the participant. I appreciate my Correspondents!

Members in Good Standing
Members in Good Standing