Cell Portraits

My primary art focus is the creation of Cell Portraits, which explore the idea of identity of place by the microorganisms present in collected specimens and water samples. This idea is based on forensic evidence of pollen/diatoms/tree sap/soil samples linking people to places and using the unseen to specify a unique location. More about Cell Portraits.

Mojave National Preserve Artist in Residence

I was honored to serve at the Mojave National Preserve Artist in Residence from March-April 2017. During my month long residency, I visited remote sites throughout the Preserve, hiking to seeps, springs, and vernal pools. I created paintings based on these the microscopic life I found in the water samples there. More about the Mojave National Preserve Artist in Residence.


I collaborated with the very talented Matthew Gale on this mysophobia project, exploring the idea of visible germs and perceptions of cleanliness and our response to microbes or environmental contamination. More about the Mysophobia project.