Past Projects


Below are samples of projects I have worked on in the past, including collaborations, events, or residencies.

Infinitesimal Artist Residency

In October of 2018, I was honored to have been selected for the Infinitesimal Microscopy for Artists residency sponsored by the Ayatana Artists Research Program. This residency is designed for artists that stand at the intersection of science and art and are interested in the very small. Read about my experience here.

Germinating Herbarium

I was honored to be included the Germinating Herbarium, an anthology of writings, artwork, and information with my fellow talented science-focused artists. Learn more about the project and get your copy here!

Germinating Herbarium

Mojave He[art] Review

Select pieces from my Mojave Artist in Residence work were featured in the August 2018 Mojave He[art] Review journal. This is an excellent publication that highlights the mood, aesthetic, and inspiration the Mojave Desert brings. View my work in the online journal and be sure to check out their monthly issues full of poets, writers, photographers, and visual artists.

Mojave Artist in Residence

I was honored to serve at the Mojave National Preserve Artist in Residence from March-April 2017. During my month-long residency, I visited remote sites throughout the Preserve, hiking to seeps, springs, and vernal pools. I was privileged to witness record rainfall and the beginnings of California’s amazing superbloom. Read my Mojave Residency write up.


From time to time I create zines of my poetry. I list what is available now and where to find them on my zines page.

Petri Blooms

I love experimenting with decay by putting various flower blossoms on petri dishes and seeing what they grow. I have a select few on display here but most are on my Instagram account in spring!


I collaborated with the very talented Matthew Gale on his mysophobia project, exploring the idea of visible germs and perceptions of cleanliness and our response to microbes or environmental contamination. Read more about the installation and companion work. Read the full description and recoring of my installation and companion artwork creation.